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I wonder how to use the available methods to find the location of the file in a folder.
For building breadcrumbs, this is easy. We can do

<% if @current_folder %>
<div class="breadcrumbs">         
    <% if @current_folder #checking if we are under any folder %> 
        <%= link_to "Home", root_url %> 
        <% @current_folder.ancestors.reverse.each do |folder| %> 
            » <%= link_to, browse_path(folder) %> 
        <% end %> 
         »  <%= %> 
    <%# else #if we are not under any folder%> 

    <% end %> 
<% end %>

but, what if i list all the files and want to show where they were created in a folder.
something like:

New File.txt =========== home/first
Second File.pdf ======== home/first/second

How to get this??

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