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I have an error everytime i run this command not sure what exactly i've typed wrong

$ cat journal
#journal: add journal entries to the file
# $HOME/journal-data

file =$HOME/journal-data
date >> $file
echo -n "Enter name of person or group:"
read name
echo "$name" >> $file
echo >> $file
cat >> $file
echo "-------------------------------" >> $file
echo >> $file

the error is as follows

Project1.sh: line 2: journal: command not found
=/home/rbailey/journal-data: ERROR: cannot open `=/home/rbailey/journal-data' (No such    file      or directory)
Project1.sh: line 7: $file: ambiguous redirect
Enter name of person or group:bash Project1.sh
Project1.sh: line 10: $file: ambiguous redirect
Project1.sh: line 11: $file: ambiguous redirect
Project1.sh: line 12: $file: ambiguous redirect
Project1.sh: line 13: $file: ambiguous redirect
Project1.sh: line 14: $file: ambiguous redirect
[rbailey@localhost ~]$ 
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file=$HOME/journal-data instead of file =$HOME/journal-data –  anubhava Mar 28 '14 at 21:03
chmod +x anyfile.sh –  michael501 Mar 28 '14 at 21:07

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For your own convenience, feel free to use the bash tag wiki resources, such as shellcheck:

In journal line 4:
file =$HOME/journal-data
     ^-- SC1068: Don't put spaces around the = in assignments.
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