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i am new in neural network , i am doing a project for face detection with neural network. i began training my network , but i don't understand all of the training parameters. i tried to search for a source that would explain them, what they are for how can i change them, but i could not find one

these are the parameters:

net.trainParam.max_fail 5 Maximum validation failures

net.trainParam.min_grad 1e-10 Minimum performance gradient

net.trainParam.mem_reduc 1 Factor to use for memory/speed tradeoff

net.trainParam.mu 0.001 Initial Mu

net.trainParam.mu_dec 0.1 Mu decrease factor

net.trainParam.mu_inc 10 Mu increase factor

net.trainParam.mu_max 1e10 Maximum Mu

I need to understand what they mean and they would effect training result, specially the first two

thanks in advance.

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