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I have this query:

select inv_job.job_id,
       max( bh_invoice_smy.invoice_date) as d_invoice_date
from job

join job inv_job on job.job_id = inv_job.invoice_job_id
join customer on customer.cus_id = inv_job.cus_id
join organization_unit on organization_unit.ou_id = inv_job.ou_id
left outer join bh_invoice_smy on bh_invoice_smy.job_id = job.job_id

to_date(bh_invoice_smy.invoice_date,'YYYY/MM/DD') <= to_date( 'INPUTDATE','YYYY/MM/DD')

group by inv_job.job_id

I am trying to have it return the last d_invoice_date that is less than the INPUTDATE, currently this just omits d_invoice_date that is greater than INPUTDATE. For posting purposes, I have also omitted about 15 other predicates in the where clause none of which should affect the outcome of d_invoice_date.

I have looked at many posts with subquerys and inner joins but I cannot seem to get the solution.

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what's the issue here? It will omit an invoice_date greater than you INPUTDATE coz of your WHERE CLAUSE. What is you expected Output? –  SoulTrain Mar 28 at 21:08
basically, I would want to do this ... SELECT, JOB_ID, max(bh_invoice_smy.invoice_date) < INPUTDATE –  user1964485 Mar 28 at 21:09
So why is your posted query not sufficient? –  SoulTrain Mar 28 at 21:15
Maybe I didn't explain myself correctly. I don't want to omit those records that are less than INPUTDATE, i would like to retrieve the records that has an d_invoice_date <= INPUTDATE, so basically the next record that fits the criteria that is less than INPUTDATE, if it exists –  user1964485 Mar 28 at 21:26

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Something like this (pseudocode):

WHERE Dt < InputDate AND ROWNUM = 1
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Oracle doesn't have top... –  Alex Poole Mar 28 at 22:29
I believe ROWNUM is the Oracle equivalent. –  Metaphor Mar 29 at 1:59
This doesn't produce the results I am looking for. Am i supposed to be using this as a subquery in my Select? My issue is I need to figure it out some kind of clause that would limit returning invoice dates in the future or a given input date. –  user1964485 Mar 31 at 13:46

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