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I have a class, which is a boost serialization singleton. I need to do some initialization inside the main function of the program. So I made a public function in the singleton class, which I call in the main function. Unfortunately the function somehow seems to never return, causing the remainder of the main function to not be executed... If I put a cout statement at the end of the called function, it does get printed, so nothing in the function itself is blocking.

I also found out that the singleton constructor is called before the main function is called.

I feel I'm missing something here. Can somebody shed some light on this?


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Why are you posting riddles? Firstly. Singletons are almost always a bad idea. Secondly: you show no code. We have to make stuff up. Sadly, we can't make up the problem: – sehe Mar 28 '14 at 23:00
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The problem was, that boost::communicator must be called inside the main function:

boost::environment env(argc, argv);

There is a env definition which doesn't take arguments, but this didn't work in my case(don't know why).

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