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I have a question about permission for file and folder in Linux administration.

Suppose that in my system, there are three users: root, util1, util2.

Under util1 role, I created folder /tmp/rep2 and file fic2 in rep2 (/tmp/rep2/fic2). Before that, I had umask 007 for util1. enter image description here enter image description here

After, I change permission of fic2 that anyone can not modify fic2 enter image description here

The question is when I switch to user util2, why I can delete fic2 ? enter image description here

Thanks for your explanation!

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Your question belongs to SuperUser, I think. When you have deleted this question and reposted it in SuperUser, make sure to include output of id -a for each user as the user identities and especially group identities are relevant to your question. –  Sami Laine Mar 29 at 7:16

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