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I can't seem to understand how to wrap text inside the rectangle I am creating using PDFsharp. I've seen articles explaining how, but when I try it, my text still extends off the PDF's page. Any help would be great (this is my first time using PDFsharp).

rect = new XRect(20, 300, 400, 100);
tf.Alignment = XParagraphAlignment.Left;
gfx.DrawString("\t • Please call the borrower prior to closing and confirm your arrival time and the closing location. \n", font, XBrushes.Black, rect, XStringFormats.TopLeft);
rect = new XRect(20, 320, 100, 100);
gfx.DrawString("\t • If the borrower needs to change the closing appointment time or date for any reason please have them call McDonnell Law Firm at 866-931-8793 \n", font, XBrushes.Black, rect, XStringFormats.TopLeft);
rect = new XRect(20, 340, 100, 100);
gfx.DrawString("\t • Completed documents must be received same day. Fax back to 888-612-4912 or email \n", font, XBrushes.Black, rect, XStringFormats.TopLeft);
rect = new XRect(20, 360, 100, 100);
gfx.DrawString("\t • Documents are to be returned via Fedex or UPS with shipping label provided. Documents must be dropped same day. \n", font, XBrushes.Black, rect, XStringFormats.TopLeft);

This is what it is doing > enter image description here

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What's the problem? Please be more specific. – Dmitry Mar 28 '14 at 23:02
I added a picture. The text is going off of the page. I have changed the width of the rectangles but it makes no difference. – MaylorTaylor Mar 28 '14 at 23:05
I believe he meant "can't seem to understand..." – jmstoker Mar 28 '14 at 23:11

From your code snippet I assume that tf is an object of the XTextFormatter class while gfx is an XGraphics object.

XGraphics.DrawString does not support line breaks.

XTextFormatter.DrawString supports line breaks.

The error in your code: you are calling gfx.DrawString where you meant to call tf.DrawString.

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