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Currently I'm making sort of SQL command line interface for web-based application. It should act roughly like sqlPlus. I have encountered a problem how to execute sql's. They can be both as SQL and/or PL/SQL.

First way I thought that I can split them (by ';' or ';/') and detect separately if it's sql select or delete/update/insert or pl/sql.

Now I cant find for PL/SQL Backus–Naur Form to make regexp. May be there exists easier way?

Generally, What is the best way to make such logic ?


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I think the best way is to use ANTLR which have a PLSQL grammar. You can generate code for java and other languages.

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Use regexp to separate SQL statement and PLSQL in a sql script is almost impossible.

select sysdate from dual;


Do you have any ideas how to recognize such a simple PLSQL code using regexp. A SQL Parser is what you need to achieve this, here is an article that may helpful.

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