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Im making an inventory and Im adding stacks but ive hit an issue

below is what I want compared to what works

I just want to find the index of the object I pass through

myArray[0] = [item:object,StackAmmount:int]

        var myArray:Array = new Array();
        myArray[0] = ["name1",1];
        myArray[1] = ["name2",1];
        myArray[2] = ["name3",1];

        trace("Name" , myArray[0][0]);
        //traces "name1"
        trace("Stack" , myArray[0][1]);
        //traces "1"

        trace("Index of Object" , myArray.indexOf("name2"));
        //traces -1
        // Not Working (NOT FOUND)

        //How can I find the index of "item1" or "item2" in the above example

        var myOtherArray:Array = new Array();
        myOtherArray[0] = "name1";
        myOtherArray[1] = "name2";
        myOtherArray[2] = "name3";

        trace("Name" , myOtherArray[0]);
        //traces "name1"

        trace("Index of Object" , myOtherArray.indexOf("name2"));
        //traces 1

perhaps there is a better way of dealing with stacks?

Paste Bin Link: http://pastebin.com/CQZWFmST

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I would use a custom class, therefore a 1D vector would be enough. The class would contain the name of the item, and the stack. You could subclass this class to override the maxStack variable of the item, and then the searches would be easier aswell, you could just iterate through the vector and check the name.

public class InventoryItem
    protected var _name:String;
    protected var _stack:int;
    protected var _maxStack:int;

    public function InventoryItem():void {


    public function get name():String {
        return _name;
    public function get stack():int {
        return _stack;
    public function set stack(value:int):void {
        _stack = value;
    public function get maxStack():int {
        return _maxStack;
public class InventoryWeapon extends InventoryItem
    public function InventoryWeapon(__name:String, startStack:int) {
        _maxStack = 64;
        _name = __name;
        _stack = startStack;
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