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I have a JSON string like this -

{"error_1395991841806": "ErrorA", "error_1395991131941": "ErrorB", "error_1395991534713": "ErrorC", "error_1395991772241": "ErrorD"}

In the above JSON string, I have all the keys in this format error_timestampInMilliseconds.

Now I want to sort all the keys in the descending order of the timestamp and then extract the value of that latest error_timestamp key. Meaning whatever timestamp is the latest as compared to current timestamp, I will use that key to extract the value of it. Is this possible to do?

I am using Gson for JSON. Below is my code -

String data = new String(event.getData().getData(), Charset.forName("UTF-8"));

// here this data is my json string

JsonObject jsonObject = gson.fromJson(data, JsonObject.class); // parse

So suppose if this is the latest timestamp error_1395991841806 as compared to current timestamp, I will print out ErrorA as its value.

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Your JSON represents a Map<String, String>, and you want to get the highest Key, so you may try deserializing your JSON into a TreeMap, which is exactly a Map sorted by Key...

Type yourMapType = new TypeToken<TreeMap<String, String>>() {}.getType();
TreeMap<String, String> yourMap = gson.fromJson(yourJsonString, yourMapType);

String highestKey = yourMap.lastKey();
String lastError = yourMap.get(highestKey);

Now lastError should contain "ErrorA".

Note that I didn't try this, but I guess it should work...

EDIT: If for some reason you cannot deserialize directly into a TreeMap (although I guess you should be able to do it), try deserializing into a generic Map, and then construct a TreeMap from it, like this:

Type yourMapType = new TypeToken<Map<String, String>>() {}.getType();
Map<String, String> yourGenericMap = gson.fromJson(yourJsonString, yourMapType);
TreeMap<String, String> yourMap = new TreeMap<>(yourGenericMap);
// ...
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Thanks for suggestion. I was about to try your first suggestion but got confused is the first line starting with Type correct? If yes, then what I am supposed to import for those? This is the first time, I am seeing Type and TypeToken so got confused –  SSH Mar 29 '14 at 18:31
@SSH, Type is a Java built-in interface in the java.lang.reflect package. TypeToken is a Gson class in the com.google.gson.reflect package... –  MikO Mar 29 '14 at 18:41
yeah it works fine but quick question how does it sort the key which is made of string_timestamp. Any thoughts? –  SSH Mar 31 '14 at 6:15
@SSH It orders they keys by its natual ordering, that's to say, alphabetically in this case. Note that time_1..1 is lower than time_2..2. By the way, have you used the first code or the code in the EDIT? –  MikO Mar 31 '14 at 8:28
I tried using First code and it works fine I guess.. –  SSH Apr 1 '14 at 1:18

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