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I am a novice and hardly know anything else than euler's method to solve numerically the system of linear equations - in my case, Lorenz equations.

Please check what's going wrong and why is not the system behaving as it should! Well, the thing is it should not go to infinity. Is there some mistake in my logic for solving the differential equation.

Equations are:

dx/dt  = p*(y-x)
dy/dt  = r*x - y - x*z
dz/dt  = x*y - b*z

here's my code:

for (i=0;i<s;i++)
{   //printf("%d", r);
    x[i+1] = x[i] + (p*(y[i] - x[i]))*dt;
    y[i+1] = y[i] + (r*x[i] - y[i] - x[i]*z[i])*dt;
    z[i+1] = z[i] + (x[i]*y[i] - b*z[i])*dt;
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