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In my application I want to get the hostname & MAC address from an IP address (in my LAN). I used this code to find the hostname, but nothing appeared in lineedit.

QHostInfo HI;
QHostAddress HA("");
QList<QHostAddress> List;
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To retrieve the Hostname from an IP address you can call lookupHost(), which takes the host name or IP address, a receiver object, and a slot signature as arguments. The slot is invoked when the results are ready. The results are stored in a QHostInfo object. Call addresses() to get the list of IP addresses for the host, and hostName() to get the host name that was looked up.

                   this, SLOT(lookedUp(QHostInfo)));

void MyWidget::lookedUp(const QHostInfo &host)
     if (host.error() != QHostInfo::NoError) {
         qDebug() << "Lookup failed:" << host.errorString();

     foreach (const QHostAddress &address, host.addresses())
         qDebug() << "Found address:" << address.toString();

For obtaining the MAC address of a remote IP you should use system commands and platform-specific code. There is no way in Qt to do that. For example on Windows it can be done by:

arp -a <IP>
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Thanks dear Nejat. These code says "Found Address:" even the IP address is not lived (not connect!) – Mohammad Reza Ramezani Mar 29 '14 at 7:35
Thanks for the link but when I set ip address & run the application, it returns the ip address again! (Not hostname) I tested by "" & a valid ip address. (did not work!) – Mohammad Reza Ramezani Mar 29 '14 at 9:30
"I made some edits to the answer." Those are wrong edits. The host name lookup has nothing to do whatosever with whether a given host is "live" or not. The platform-specific host lookup will also succeed on a disconnected host, unless some form of dynamic DNS was in use, and the cached address has already expired. Similarly, an arp command doesn't need a live host - the OS will cache ARP results. – Kuba Ober Apr 1 '14 at 16:51
@MohammadRezaRamezani "These code says "Found Address:" even the IP address is not lived (not connect!)" That's the expected, correct behavior. The host lookup can succeed whether the host is attached or not. You need a different way of determining if the host is present. For example, by pinging it. – Kuba Ober Apr 1 '14 at 16:54
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I used this code:

QHostInfo HI = QHostInfo::fromName("");

Worked for some ip addresses & shows the host name! For other ip addresses shows the ip address again.

For my MAC problem, I`m using ARP packet.

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