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I'm using stored procedure to delete a row from MSSQL database based on a column that uses nvarchar(100) and Persian language. when i want to insert into this column, i use the word N before the record to be able to perform the insert operation :

insert into materialPrice values(  N'persian word',1000,100,0,0,0,0)

the problem is when i want to delete the same record, stored procedure does not work :

create proc spRemoveMaterial
@materialName nvarchar(100)
delete from materialPrice where materialName = @materialName

I've tried to use N before @materialName but it returend syntax error. how could it be done ?

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are you populating @materialName with N' before the literal ? –  Jayvee Mar 29 at 8:51

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The N is a marker that causes the string literal to be represented in Unicode--implying that you are inserting into a Unicode column.

You should be able to convert the variable to Unicode with cast. Something like:

cast(@materialName as nvarchar(100))

With the correct type (nchar or nvarchar) and length to match the column.

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i've made the changes it's not working –  Iatrochemist Mar 29 at 7:14
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The problem was with the database collation, following code has fixed it :

ALTER database MaterialDB COLLATE Persian_100_CI_AS

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