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How to do audio latency test in iphone os ? I don't have a clear idea about that. Now am reading a caf file like this .

NSString *soundPath = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"tick" ofType:@"caf"];   UInt64 gTotalPacketCount=0;
UInt64 gFileByteCount =0;
UInt32 gMaxPacketSize =0;
UInt32 size;
OSStatus err = noErr;
AudioFileID fileID = [self openAudioFile:soundPath];
size = sizeof(gTotalPacketCount); //type is UInt64
err = AudioFileGetProperty(fileID,kAudioFilePropertyAudioDataPacketCount,&size,&gTotalPacketCount);   

size = sizeof(gFileByteCount); //type is UInt64
err = AudioFileGetProperty(fileID, kAudioFilePropertyAudioDataByteCount, &size, &gFileByteCount);

size = sizeof(gMaxPacketSize); //type is UInt32
err = AudioFileGetProperty(fileID, kAudioFilePropertyMaximumPacketSize, &size, &gMaxPacketSize);

ilbc_beep_packet =
memset(ilbc_beep_packet, 0,
OSStatus result = noErr;
UInt32 packets =gTotalPacketCount;
UInt32  bytesReturned = 0;

//Read in the ENTIRE file into a memory buffer
result = AudioFileReadPackets (fileID,

AudioFileClose(fileID); //close the audio file

I am confused whether this is the way to read a file . How i can write this data into another file. I welcome any help for audio latency test. Thanks in advance.

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I saw another method AudioFileReadBytes. What is the difference between AudioFileReadBytes and AudioFileReadPackets – S.P. Feb 16 '10 at 12:29
Sijo: AudioFileReadBytes is more appropriate for PCM data. AudioFileReadPackets works with any valid format, compressed or uncompressed. – invalidname Feb 28 '10 at 15:11

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