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I am trying to install DevStack following the tutorial from here

It says I have to run ./stack.sh as non-root user and I did. But I am getting this error.

++ [[ -n False ]]
++ [[ False != \F\a\l\s\e ]]
++ date +%s
/home/mani/devstack/tools/install_prereqs.sh: line 80: /home/mani/devstack/.prereqs: Permission denied
+++ err_trap
+++ local r=1
+++ set +o xtrace
stack.sh failed
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After running ./create-stack-user.sh, try this

chown -R stack:stack /opt/devstack(the path of the cloned devstack) 
su stack 
./stack.sh .

I've stuck with the same problem and this worked..!!

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The user must still be in the sudoers file. So add the username while root run the command visudo and add the user name what ever it is under root ALL=(ALL) ALL

so you will have:

root ALL=(ALL) ALL
newuserX ALL=(ALL) ALL

re-run ./stack.sh as regular user (with sudo permissions)

might want to clean any previous install attempts with ./clean.sh first, before re-install

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Just to clarify your very good answer. When you write the newuserX try to put the name of the user that you will use to execute the stack.sh In that case stack user. –  flopez May 23 at 16:24

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