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Can any one of you help me to convert this query into dynamic query

DECLARE @Measure_Code nvarchar(50)

DECLARE @Transaction_Date datetime

DECLARE @Spec_Code nvarchar(max)

DECLARE @Error_Code nvarchar(500)

DECLARE @Operation_Status bit

DECLARE @Qury nvarchar(1000)

SET @Measure_Code = 'CFL_WATTS'

SET @Transaction_Date = 02/16/2010

PRINT @Transaction_Date

SET @Spec_Code = 'CFL_Watts = 45'

SET @Error_Code = NULL 

SET @Operation_Status = NULL

SET @Qury =  'USP_TRM_MEASURE_EVALUATE ' + '@Measure_Code'+','+'@Transaction_Date'+','+'@Spec_Code'+','+
                '@Error_Code output'+','+'@OPERATION_STATUSoutput'



I want the output as

@QURY = USP_TRM_MEASURE_EVALUATE @MeasureCode,@Transaction_Date, @Spec_Code, @Error_Code output, @Operation_Status output 
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why do you want to build that to a string and call exec? why not simply call it directly –  zapping Feb 16 '10 at 12:43
While calling it directly it is showing some errors like you have to declare the value for @Measure_Code –  susanthosh Feb 16 '10 at 13:24
you should include 'EXECUTE ' at the start of the @Qury string, and also you need a space near the end here: '@OPERATION_STATUS output' –  KM. Feb 16 '10 at 14:43

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You cannot pass a string into the Exec() function and expect that local variables inside that string will be treated as variables from your calling scope, either for passing into the proc or returning from the proc.

Just call the proc directly:

exec USP_TRM_MEASURE_EVALUATE @MeasureCode,@Transaction_Date, 
@Spec_Code, @Error_Code output, @Operation_Status output 
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