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I am converting some GUI code I originally wrote using the win32 API, to use QT.

I have come accross some items for which I cant find any direct equivalents. They are:

  1. GetRValue
  2. GetGValue
  3. GetBValue
  5. PS_DOT
  7. PS_NULL
  8. MulDiv

Any help?


I am building on Ubuntu 9.10

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2 Answers 2

QColor class has methods red(), green(), blue().

BrushStyle enum defines different brush patterns.

You can code MulDiv yourself, it just "multiplies two 32-bit values and then divides the 64-bit result by a third 32-bit value"

QBitmap is Qt bitmap class.

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If you are not very concerned about performance, implement MulDiv using 64 bit integers:

 long MulDiv(long v1, long v2, long v3)
     return (long)(((long long)v1*(long long)v2) / v3);
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