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NetBeans let me choose between three values for the JPA validation strategy: Auto, Callback and None. What does "Auto" mean? Does "Callback" mean the use of @PrePersist, @PreUpdate, and @PreRemove?

Is there a performance hit if I use Auto or Callback if there is no validation to perform?

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The JPA 2.0 Spec (JSR 317) does not require a Bean Validation (JSR-303) implementation. Validation is optional. Thus, javax.persistence.ValidationMode can take different values:

  • Auto (default) - if a validation provider is available, then validation should occur
  • Callback - validation is required and a PersistenceException must be thrown if a provider cannot be obtained
  • None - no validation should be attempted and the lack of a validation provider should not cause an exception

This should answer all your questions.

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According to http://goo.gl/d8L0O and the spec, chapter the three values should all be CAPS. –  Marcel Stör Mar 25 '13 at 20:32

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