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I want to change the Eclipse Java Editor behaviour (in terms of appearance, i.e. color, font etc) for specific code within the file that matches a certain pattern.


public class C{

    public static void main(String[] args){
       int x = 5;

Now for any line that contains a usage of the "SpecialLib", I want the editor to display that not in the default appearance style for java code, but in a special way, for instance making the line red and italic.

Question 1: Is this possible to configure somewhere in the Eclipse settings?

Question 2: If not, I'd have to make an Eclipse plug-in with my own editor right? However I am not accustomed to the Eclipse platform in that way. How to best implement such a plugin? Can I kind of "extend" the standard eclipse editor plugin and modify the editor? What would be the anchor point to start doing a modified java editor?


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