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I have an application written in C#/.Net Compact Framework 3.5 which actually receives data ( byte array) from an instrument and saves that data to the file on the SD Card attached to the instrument.

Also that data is drawn on the display of the instrument in a graphical ( charts/graphs) view.

Do achieve this I have a thread which reads the data from the instrument( ReaderThread ) and another thread (WriterThread) which writes the data to the SD Card.

The ReaderThread reads the data and puts it into a Queue and WriterThread picks that data and writes to the SD Card.

The problem is when I start receiving data on around per 20 miliseconds ( about 20KB/20 ms) or less than that then the ReaderThread reads and puts the data into the Queue but WriterThread does not write to the SD Card for some time and the Queue starts to build up (every block of data is about 16-20 KB),so when the Queue has around 500 items in it then suddenly OS allows WriterThread to run for some seconds and then the ReaderThread stops( I can see that from some profiling tool) ReaderThread needs to run all the time we can't afford ReaderThread to be stopped for some seconds.

Question is how to fix this problem, is there any flaw in my design ?

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