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I have a very confusing problem with my mediawiki at the moment. I was about to set up some new permissions in the localsettings.php and included the Namespace Protection plugin. But for some reason, I now have a new group where I can give permissions to the users which is called "Benutzer". It's the german translation for Users but i have no clue why it was created. Here a link to my actual localsettings.php: Link When I look at the userrighs list, I also have to groups named "Benutzer". One is created by mediawiki and the other one I don't know...

Well, that wasn't the problem, but I fixed it now. In the localsettings.php, I wrote "$wgGroupPermissions['User']" instead of "$wgGroupPermissions['user']" so mediawiki thought i wanted to create a new group, and the big problem was, it localized it also, so I didn't saw my mistake. But thanks for trying to help me :)

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When displayed on special pages, the names of user groups are localized, so if your language i German, and the user group is called Benutzer, then everything is working as it should.

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