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I have made this ugly code for a Linear Feedback Shift Register. My knowledge of C++ is limited. Where is the cause of the segmentation fault?

operSeq = inpSeq;
 do {
  for ( unsigned int j=0; xorArray.size(); j=j+2 )
  bit[4] = operSeq[xorArray[j]];
  bit[4] = bit[4] ^ operSeq[xorArray[j+1]];
  operSeq >>= 1;
  operSeq[4]  = bit[4]; 
 while (turnSeq != inpSeq);
 for (unsigned int k = 0; k < keyRej.size(); k++)
 cout << keyRej[k];
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Would you mind showing what types xorArray,operSeq,bit, etc. are, my crystal ball is currently under repair ... –  πάντα ῥεῖ Mar 29 at 12:37
Segmentation faults are very difficult to diagnose (except in certain special cases that do not apply here) without a complete program that we can compile for ourselves and watch crash. Have you tried valgrind? –  Zack Mar 29 at 12:37
I will try to post a link to my code. –  Mohamed Ahmed Mar 29 at 12:48

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You forgot to compare j with xorArray.size() here:

for ( unsigned int j=0; xorArray.size(); j=j+2 )

as a result your cycle is never ends and you read beyond the array boundaries.

Also this cycle can run infinitely:

while (turnSeq != inpSeq);

because the cycle condition is never changed (unless you change it from another thread);

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Thank you, the program is correctly compiled, it was compiled before I make the for fix. But now instead of "Segmentation fault" I have no output. I will try to post a link to my code. –  Mohamed Ahmed Mar 29 at 12:47
@Mohamed please see my addition. That may cause your second problem. –  Alex Antonov Mar 29 at 12:49
Ok, I am finally having what seems to be a valid output, even if it was not correct thought. I was saying ' While (turnSeq != inpSeq)' I was supposed to say 'While (operSeq != inpSeq)'. Now I will check if the output is correct. –  Mohamed Ahmed Mar 29 at 12:57

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