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I have list with 8 bit numbers like [255, 8, 16, 254 ...] count of these files about 8000. I have question about saving these numbers, when i save it, it must be 8000 byte, am I false ? But I have about 20kb. How can I save this numbers as 8 bit when I read it I want to read as byte.

file = open(name,"wb")
for el in data:

where is my mistake ? please help

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The answer depends heavily on what Python version you are using.

If it is Python 3, you are calling bytes() incorrectly; by giving it an integer, you are asking for a bytes() object of that size:

>>> bytes(10)

That's 10 null bytes, not one byte with the value 0x10.

Pass in a sequence instead:

>>> bytes([10])

In fact, you don't need your loop at all; if data is all integers, you can create your bytes object in one go and write that:

with open(name,"wb") as f:

If this is Python 2, you should not be using bytes() at all, it's just an alias for str():

>>> bytes(10)

That's the characters 1 and 0 (ASCII codepoints 49 and 48), not a byte with value 0x10.

You can use bytearray() the same way you could use bytes() (and bytearray()) in Python 3; create one such object from data and write that:

with open(name,"wb") as f:
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Thank you for your answer, yes I have python 2.7. At first bytesarray didnt work properly, it gave an error "byte must be in range(0, 256)". It is image compression project. Then I relized that some pixels count greater than 255, then I splitted it into 255 bit chunks. Now work properly 9.9KB it's size. Thank you very much one more time – GirginSoft Mar 29 '14 at 13:03

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