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I am using (http://lokeshdhakar.com/projects/lightbox2/)

But I have two problems:

  1. I want to show the image without doing click in the link, like a welcome image.
  2. In chrome the background is white, in firefox and ie it gets black and I need it gets black always.

Any help will be appreciated.

My script:

<script src="js/lightbox/js/jquery-1.10.2.min.js"></script>
<script src="js/lightbox/js/lightbox-2.6.min.js"></script>
<link href="js/lightbox/css/lightbox.css" rel="stylesheet" />

<script type='text/javascript'>
  $( document ).ready(function() {

And in my body:

<a id="popup" href="imagenPrincipal/imagen.png" data-lightbox="image-1" title="Hacer click para cerrar">image #1</a>

Thank you very much in advance

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