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I need to have your opinion on my design of data model for my project. My project is real-time recommendation system. There are some collections of recommendation algorithms. it means something like this:

collection1 { algorithm1, algorithm5, algorithm6 }

collection2 { algorithm5, algorithm6, algorithm7, algorithm8 }


and I need to store data like - success, probability of choosing, score and so on to every algorithm (every 2 minutes) in collection. So I have chosen Cassandra like my data storage because it works fine with time series. I need to have my data stored to be displayed later in some graphs and charts. Do you think that my solution of data model is ok? I made it in this way:

CREATE TABLE algorithm_by_collection_and_date (
   algorithm_id text,
   collection_id text,
   date text,
   event_time timestamp,
   score double,
   probability double,
   PRIMARY KEY ((algorithm_id,collection_id,date),event_time)

So it is designed like row partitioning by adding data to the row key to limit the amount of columns (by date) I per algorithm in collection.

What do you think about this? Thanks, Jan

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I would have this structure - it will allow you to normalise your structure and make it a cleaner design. I have rushed this, please add in the correct data types for the columns and also the referential integrity constraints.

CREATE TABLE algorithm
    algorithmId uuid PRIMARY KEY,
    algorithmName text

CREATE TABLE collection
    collectionID uuid PRIMARY KEY,
    collectionName text

CREATE TABLE algo_collection
    algoCollectionID uuid PRIMARY KEY

CREATE TABLE recommendation

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