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Does QEMU provide emulation for any target with USB device controller? Actually I am developing an embedded linux based device and was thinking about testing it on QEMU.

BR, Mooni

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You can find this information in the QEMU Manual, section "3.9 USB emulation":

QEMU emulates a PCI UHCI USB controller. You can virtually plug virtual USB devices or real host USB devices (experimental, works only on Linux hosts). Qemu will automatically create and connect virtual USB hubs as necessary to connect multiple USB devices.

There you also find all relevant configuration parameters.

The USB Controller is provided for the following targets:

  • PC System
  • MIPS/malta has a PIIX4 PCI/USB/SMbus controller
  • ARM: has various options
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Actually USB emulation in QEMU is only in PC System emulation mode. I am not talking about PC System emulation mode. I am developing a USB device for an embedded (non PC) target. I can not use PC System emulation mode and QEMU provides USB emulation only in PC System emulation mode. I want some way to test my USB device without hardware on QEMU or on any other emulation/simulation platform. –  Mooni Feb 17 '10 at 5:54
@Mooni: searching in the docs for "USB" brought the information you're looking for. I have copied it into the answer for you. –  David Schmitt Feb 17 '10 at 8:57

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