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class Ticket
  include AASM

  state :new
  state :open
  state :closed

  event :open do
    transitions :from => :new,:to => :closed, :guard => :cancelled?
    transitions :from => :new,:to => :open, :guard => !:cancelled?
  def cancelled?
  def not_cancelled?

##Would I need the below?
transitions :from => :new,:to => :open, :guard => :not_cancelled?

In an effort to lessen the amount of code I have to write, is it possible to have something like !:cancelled in a guard function? Or do I have to write a separate not_cancelled? function (as I suspect is the case).

I'm using Ruby 2.1 with gem 'aasm', '~> 3.1.1'

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First, !:cancelled? expression evaluates to false always, so aasm doesn't even call cancelled? method in that case. To reduce the amount of code you can have it like the following

transitions :from => :new, :to => :closed, :guard => :cancelled?
transitions :from => :new, :to => :open, :guard => Proc.new { |ticket| !ticket.cancelled? }
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