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With char device driver there is no issue, i am able to write a basic char device driver.but can any body help me to write block device driver,can any body give me the first block device driver code for better understanding which i can test on my machine.

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Have you looked in to LDD yet? It's a free online now. lwn.net/Kernel/LDD3 –  San Jacinto Mar 29 at 21:48
I am new in LDD and in LDD3 i didnt get any direct program that i can compile and run and can understand at initial level.there is big fundamentals for Queueing and all stuff.(because in LDD3 for char device i get code directly) –  Vinod Patidar Mar 29 at 21:57
Here is simple block device driver to get you started –  Abhijeet Kasurde Mar 30 at 3:25

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First, the LDD3 chapter on block devices for the explanations, then some sample code based on it.

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