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I want to have controls from standard camera in my app.

With this code I not get it

imagePickerController.showsCameraControls = YES;
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Your app is not the Camera app. If you want your app to be the Camera app you will effectively have to write the Camera app (including the interface). –  matt Mar 29 at 21:49
@matt, you mean that I want to have standard camera interface in my app, I need to create it from scratch as overlay? –  user3473938 Mar 29 at 23:51
Or you can write a whole new interface using AVFoundation. That is, unless someone has reverse-engineered that code as a library or open source code you can download. But as far as Apple is concerned, what Apple gives you in UIImagePickerController, that's what they give you. Anything else is up to you. –  matt Mar 30 at 0:29
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