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Since Firefox updated itself to version 28 (running on Windows 7), I can not get the Firebug shortcut for element inspection to work (Ctrl+Shift+C). When I press this key combination, the default Developer Tools window pops up. In earlier versions of Firefox this problem could be tackled by simply unchecking/disabling the Inspector tool in the settings of Firefox' Development Tools. However, this checkbox is no longer there:

enter image description here

I tried the following:

  • Reinstalled Firefox and Firebug.
  • In about:config, I searched for devtools.*.enabled, and set all values to false.
  • I downloaded an addon called Customizable Shortcuts, but changing any of the shortcuts did not solve my problem, the new shortcuts do not get recognized.
  • In the default Firebug Shortcut Bindings window, changing any of the shortcuts does not affect anything, similarly, the new shortcuts do not get recognized.

Even when I bind the Firebug inspector to a shortcut that isn't in use (i.e., Ctrl+Shift+Alt+6) it still does not get recognized:

Firebug Shortcut Bindings dialog

It looks like Firebug is prevented from assigning any key combination, or maybe there something else going on.

Any help would be appreciated!

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I fixed that in issue 6991, which is included in Firebug 2.0 alpha 1. Let me know if it works for you.

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Still not working as it should be, i bound Ctrl + Shift + C to the Firebug inspect tool. Sometimes it works as intended and Firebug pops up, but in some cases the default Firefox Developer Tools window pops up again. I can't really find out when it occurs and when it doesn't.. it looks kinda random. As a temporary solution, I downgraded to Firefox version 27, in which everything works fine. Not an ideal solution though :( –  Michel Cijsouw Mar 30 at 11:45
Forgot to mention that 2.0a1 requires Firefox Aurora (30.0a2) or higher. As a workaround you can set the shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C for now. That's at least working for me. –  Sebastian Zartner Mar 30 at 19:08
I know, I was testing it on Nightly 31.0a1. Thanks for the workaround, but hopefully it will be fixed in the future! ;) –  Michel Cijsouw Apr 1 at 10:00
Note that it works fine for me (on Win7) when I reset the shortcut with the "reset" button on the right side within the Firebug Shortcut Bindings dialog. If you have clear steps how to reproduce the problem, please report it at the Firebug issue tracker, so it can be fixed. –  Sebastian Zartner Apr 2 at 6:18

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