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I would like to create a "System Health" web page which will monitor the application pools running on a web server.

The web server has several application pools and is an Intranet (so no big security problems). Periodically it seems that some of these pools will hang/crash etc. and the recycle wont pick it up. (Separate problem)

My idea is to have a single web page which will fire a request to a known url in each application pool, and if a good response is received, then mark it as OK otherwise it will mark it as FAILED. This would be displayed as a table with traffic lights perhaps.

I'd probably use c# for this.

Does this sound reasonable? Does anyone have a better way of monitoring application pools?

p.s I realise that if the application pool running this page were to crash then nothing would show up at all!

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This is a good article for using PerfMon with C#:

How To: Monitor the ASP.NET Thread Pool Using Custom Counters

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