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I'm trying to install Hadoop 1.0.3 using Cygwin64 on Win8.1. After I completed the config, started SSHD service, I run ssh cyg_server@localhost and got these:

cyg_server@localhost's password:
setsockopt IPV6_TCLASS 16: Protocol not available:

I'm complete new with Cygwin64 and Hadoop, thanks advance for any help.

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I'm having the same issue -- will let you know if I solve it. –  David Fleeman Mar 31 at 20:28
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From the client side, just add


to the parameters passed to ssh, or add

AddressFamily inet

to ~/.ssh/config, either globally or per a specific host.

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Thanks that fixed my issue also! However, now I receive an error when trying to start Hadoop it is attempting to use IPV6. I'm calling "$ bin/start-all.sh" and cannot specify the addressfamily to use. –  Thomas Harris Apr 3 at 13:35
How can I add "-oAddressFamily=inet" to the parameters passed to ssh? –  user3271033 Apr 9 at 2:13
Where you would typically type "ssh [user@]host" add the parameters to the command line. So: "ssh -oAddressFamily=inet [user@]host". Regarding Hadoop still not permitting a connection, refer to <wiki.apache.org/hadoop/HadoopIPv6>; and <stackoverflow.com/questions/15758641/…;. –  user3485419 Apr 9 at 12:53
Now the same problem when run "$bin/start-all.sh", so it's still not a prefect solution. –  user3271033 Apr 11 at 20:49
it's like this "localhost: setsockopt IPV6_TCLASS 8: Protocol not available: " –  user3271033 Apr 11 at 20:51
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Basically you want to turn off IPV6 and use IPV4. To do this, stop your sshd service if you have it running:

net stop sshd

Then edit the file /etc/ssh_config by adding (or modifying) the AddressFamily setting:

AddressFamily inet

The default is set to all. Setting the value to inet forces IPV4 which fixed the problem for me. After you make the change, restart sshd and you should be good to go:

net start sshd

Good luck!

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I tried, but doesn't work. Still the same problem. –  user3271033 Apr 9 at 2:08
I tried this and received an immediate "closed by remote host", when I tried to login via either localhost or local IP. –  Anthony Bouttell Apr 9 at 3:44
ok. got that resolved. I had a "." in front of the "#" I used to make a comment in sshd_config. –  Anthony Bouttell Apr 10 at 20:49
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I had a simmilar issue with Cygwin logging in to IPv6-enabled Servers.

Upgrading Cygwin (on client side) to the lastest version solved my problem.

I'm tired of all the "Just disable IPv6" suggestions. We have 2014 and IPv6 is here. We shuld better fix bugs and issues with this "new" protocol instead of negating ist.

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