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In my sharepoint site I have a section that need repeat 'n' time.

This section get information from a list.

Now I want get number of rows from list and repeat my section for each row.

I can get Data and number of list's row but I can't repeat my section.

How can I accomplish this?

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One way you can do this is to build a Visual Web Part, extract the data using Sharepoint Object Model, and render it using a repeater or any other data list control.

A different method is to use the content query webpart with some customised xsl, only recomended if you are an xsl die hard and are prepared to endure a bit of pain.

Yet another method, if you are a client side wiz, is to use the REST api together with some jquery magic to build the view as you want, or alternatively instead of the Rest API you can use web services together with jquery SPServices

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thanx @Luis. I use SPServices for getting data and number of rows. then in a Loop section [with JQuery] I added my html code. it work fine. – user3245926 Apr 14 '14 at 6:44

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