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I have a table like this:

id | name
1 | ab
2 | bq
3 | g
4 | qaa
5 | e

I'd like to add a comma "," after the last character for each row in a column. So I need it to be:

id | name
1 | ab,
2 | bq,
3 | g,
4 | qaa,
5 | e,

Is there a way to accomplish this?

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I dont know why are you doing this but i guess its bad idea.

you can add the comma when you fetch the values and your values stays clean in database for future use.


  echo $row['name']."," ;

AND also you dont have to insert them with comma,you just make it difficul for you while its easy to add it when you fetch it.


if you wanna update table with comma then use CONCAT like this:

  update yourtable set name =concat(name, ',')
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Thanks for your advice, but i have a reason to do this. –  Luvias Mar 30 at 7:59
can you tell what reason ? so i can help you ? –  echo_Me Mar 30 at 8:13
@user2490169 also check my edited answer. –  echo_Me Mar 30 at 8:22
Aha, your edited answer works perfectly for me. Thanks you very very much. –  Luvias Mar 30 at 9:04
update table set name=name+','
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Thanks you, but i don't know why it doesnt work. –  Luvias Mar 30 at 7:58

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