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Possible Duplicate:
Strict mode in PHP?

I am doing a big project in PHP. In PHP you do not need to declare variables. This is causing a lot of problems for me.

In Visual Basic 6, the Option Explicit statement makes it mandatory to declare variables. Is something similar available in PHP?

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what about undefined functions inside if else that not running in run time? – Yosef Apr 22 '11 at 10:18
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If you turn on E_NOTICE error messages, PHP will tell you about uninitialized variables:

ini_set("error_reporting", E_ALL);

Uninitialized is a little bit different than undeclared, but it should give you a similar effect.

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+1 It's also worth noting that E_ALL does not include E_STRICT. So I would do ini_set("error_reporting", E_ALL & E_STRICT);. Also worth noting; You can set error_reporting in php.ini or in your Apache virtual host definition using php_value. – Asaph Feb 16 '10 at 15:59

throws a notice when you attempt to use an undefined variable

a more general tip: use functions instead of global code, and make them small (max. 20 lines). Since variables are local to functions, there's less chance to forget or misspell a variable name.

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Increasing the error reporting level only affects php's behaviour when an undefined variable/element is used as rvalue, like echo $doesnotexist;.
But option explicit on also prohibits the use of undeclared variables as lvalue

Option Explicit On
Dim x As Integer
x = 10
y = 11 ' error, variable is not declared

There's no similar option or config parameter in php.

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There could have been a keyword declared in php5, esp. for classes/members, but there wasn't. – VolkerK Feb 16 '10 at 18:02

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