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This is depressing - I have installed XMLTools and can see it in the menu - It has one sub menu which is "How To Use"

If I select that it says something like no libxml / libxslt - Google returns nothing

How can I install this plugin properly

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Hey, just had the same issue.

You need to download ext_libs.zip, and extract the contents to where you have installed the Notepadd++.

Something like

C:\Program Files\Notepad++

Then restart Notepad++, and this should work.

Hope it helps.

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With the latest release (April 2012), these libs are bundled in the main plugin .zip file. –  Jen S. Apr 30 '12 at 8:09
This is not working for me. No errors but I can't see it the Plugins menu. –  davidXYZ Nov 30 '12 at 15:37

Tested solution above and works perfectly. Make sure to extract ext_libs.zip under C:\Program Files\Notepad++ and not under C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins

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As @Hamlet reported in his comment, with the later releases of XML Tools you can just install them directly from the Plugin Manager (the required libs are now bundled with the plugins. The simple steps are:

  • In NotePad++ go to Plugins >> Plugin Manager >> Show Plugin Manager
  • Check XML Tools
  • Check Install
  • Click OK when prompted to restart Notepad++
  • Enjoy XML goodness under Plugins >> XML Tools
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If you are using windows vista+ please make sure you run Notepad++ as administrator before trying to install plugins.

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