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I have dell Vostro 1015 with Toshiba 2.5 inch , 5400 RPM SATA hard disk of 320 G.B. The hard disk got crashed and i wanted to replace it. can I replace it with any other brand and of higher capacity with same specifications, 2.5 inch 5400 RPM or do I need to replace it with Toshiba 2.5 inch, 5400 RPM 320 G.B. hard disk itself .?? I tried re-assembling and also tried formatting the entire hard disk but all went in vain. Please reply with suitable answer.

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A quick sea\rch of 'google' with 'dell Vostro 1015 hard drive upgrade uk' throws up lots of examples of replacement drives. 500GB seems popular. The main issue is power use - faster is more power, physical size (2.5 inch) and connector SATA. –  Ryan Vincent Mar 30 at 8:22

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Not sure this should be asked in this forum, regardless to answer quickly, yes you can buy any brand as long as the HDD is the same physical size and the connection is the same (SATA). There is plenty available online to help.

I wouldn't go over the top looking for performance increases by increasing HDD speed/cache etc. The HDD performance is not simply measured by it's storage capcity/cache and spindle speed but also by the PC/Laptop's "throughput", it's ability to read/write to it.

Also faster drives use more power.

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I would really use google to find out more information, as Ryan states above their is plenty of information. –  n34_panda Mar 30 at 8:48

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