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I'm creating a task manager using perl Tk with the following code.

my $mw=MainWindow->new;
$mw->title("Task Manager");
$numproc = `ps|wc -l`;
while($i <= $numproc){
    my $p=`sh printproc.sh $i`;


printproc.sh has the following

ps|head -$1|tail -1

I get a window with each process listed as a checkButton, but I get the following error for each process.

Can't exec "2645":No such file or directory at first.pl line 11.

How do I avoid this error?

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my $p=`sh printproc.sh $i`;

This takes the output of running printproc.sh and stores it in $p, and then tries to execute that as if it were a command. Remove the system($p); line.

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Thank you so much! –  g3nair Mar 30 at 9:52

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