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Scenario: Main Linux Server is Connected to Local Switch Gateway. From Gateway to the network.

Now i can able to get the IP of the Remote Clients/Users who logged into the Server. Linux Command : *"who -u" (gives me the IP Address of the users IP Address).*

For getting the MAC Address of the same user. I tried the arp -a command, It gave the switch MAC-Address only. I cant able to get the Remote Clients/User MAC Address. Linux Command : "arp -a" (gives me the MAC Address of the Switch).

How to the MAC Address of the Remote Clients Machines ?

Note : My Client Machines can run on any OS (Windows/Linux/Solaris).

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try at superuser.com or serverfault.com –  Prix Mar 30 at 11:32

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MAC addresses doesn't get routed, so the IP address would have to be of a host on your network. You will have to ping the IP address first and then use arp -a; like

ping <Remote_IP_Address>
arp -a <Remote_IP_Address>

See this related posts here



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Yes i tried that also, It was resulting in same Switch MAC only. Not the Remote Client MAC Address. I tried nmap <IP Address> also. It is also not scanning the MAC Address IP Address -> who -u Linux Command. –  user3477908 Mar 30 at 13:44
Well, check those thread I have mentioned; they have got good info. See if that helps. –  Rahul Mar 30 at 13:46
@user3477908, if this answer helped you then try accepting it as answer. –  Rahul Mar 30 at 17:09

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