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Bison uses a special error token (called 'error') that one can use in a Bison parser to recover from errors. Is there a way to return this specific token from a scanner generated by Flex?

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The 'error' token is not really a token. It's used for error handling only.

On you can read: The token name error is reserved for error handling, and should not be used naively.

In my own parser I use the error token like this (to parse a C-like macro-language:

StatementList  :
               |  StatementList Statement ';'
               |  error ';'

If the user makes an error, yacc/bison will go on until the next semi-colon (end of a statement) and then go on with the next statement.

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Thanks. I realized what I really wanted was REJECT. – Jack Edmonds Feb 16 '10 at 18:45

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