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I am using dc.scatterPlot .. Not able to find how can I bind mouse on click to different symbols (data points) in scatter plot. I think I should first access _symbol and then set attribute, but it seems like there is no way to access _symbol of scatter plot or may be I am getting this completely wrong.

Please suggest.

var individualEventchart = dc.seriesChart("#event-individual-chart");
var symbolScale = d3.scale.ordinal().range(d3.svg.symbolTypes);
var symbolAccessor = function(d) { return symbolScale(d.key[0]); };
var subChart = function(c) {
    return dc.scatterPlot(c)

.margins({top: 25, right: 30, bottom: 30, left: 40})
.xAxisLabel("Time of the day")
.seriesAccessor(function(d) {return d.key[0];})
.keyAccessor(function(d) {return +d.key[1];})
.valueAccessor(function(d) {return d.value;})
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Using dc.js doesn't stop you from using d3, it just sets stuff up for you.

So once you have your chart you can use to get a d3 selection of svg elements in the chart, and then d3.on to attach event handlers to the selection.

Even better, put it in a renderlet so that the handlers get updated when the chart does.

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I will try this and get back. Thanks a lot for replying. –  Andy897 Apr 1 '14 at 12:17
Hi Gordon, Thanks a lot for replying. I am not able to get this working. So it is something like every data point has an ID associated with it and on click I want to print all the information of that point on the page. When you say followed by d3.on .. can you please please give a a very simple example on how to do this. sorry to bother you. –  Andy897 Apr 1 '14 at 14:56

The other answer is correct, but here is a code example of how to do it, start with your dc chart:

dc.dataGrid(".dc-data-grid").dimension(name).group(function (d) {
               ... etc ...

Then add:

.renderlet(function (grid) {grid.selectAll(".dc-grid-item").on('click', function (d) { MyPopupFunction(d); });

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