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I have balls falling (gravity) in my game, and in its Update method I've also added a slight pull, as the wind was blowing:

transform.Translate(new Vector3(sidewaysDrag,0));

Now, I want to rotate my GameOBject around the Z axis as well (its a 2D game), ive tried:

transform.Rotate(Vector3.forward * Time.deltaTime * 200);

But I guess my anchor is wrong, because instead of rotating around itself the whole object is rotating in a very big curve. The rotation is correct if I comment out the translation...

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Is the rotation correct if you remove the translations? –  Eric Lippert Mar 30 at 14:38
Is the zero point you're rotating around relative to the object rotating or the coordinate system its in? –  Eric Lippert Mar 30 at 14:40
@Eric Lippert I'm using another way to rotate, see the updated edit. And it works if I dont translate. –  Jason94 Mar 30 at 14:47
If you have both the translation and the rotation, is it rotating around the point that it was at before the translation? –  Eric Lippert Mar 30 at 14:55
Do it on FixedUpdate. –  Roberto Mar 30 at 20:08

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Put your ball object under another empty object(parent).

And translate parent, rotate ball.

or translate ball's world position, rotate ball's localRotation

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It's because you are using Vector3.forward, which actually points to Z-axis in world space, you need Z-axis in local space, you can get that by doing transform.TransformDirection(Vector3.forward);

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