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I want to write a tiny bootloader, I use command "as boot.s" to compile it. I think I should have got a 512B file, but I get a 1448B file which is too large to be a bootloader. what's wrong with my code? thx.

.global _start
    movw $0x7c00, %ax
    movw %ax, %ds
    movw %ax, %es
    call Dispstr
    call loop
    movw BootMessage, %ax
    movw %ax, %bp
    movw $0x1301, %ax
    movw $0x000c, %bx
    movb $0, dl
    int $0x10
    jmp loop
    .asciz "Hellow World"
.org 510, 0
.word 0xaa55
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2 Answers 2


times 510-($-$$) db 0   ; Pad remainder of boot sector with 0s
dw 0xAA55       ; The standard PC boot signature

instead of

.org 510, 0
.word 0xaa55

also, see this article

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I've resolved it myself. LD --oformat binary -o boot boot.o cut off ELF file header

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