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I want to import external JAR file in my android project, to test this i have only created my own jar file, after that i have done following steps.

1)Right-click on my project
2)Build Path > Add External JAR's > Select your archive (.jar)

The library.jar added to the 'Referenced Libraries' in my project, but after that still i am unable to use classes of my library. So i am not getting how to do this?

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Step #1: Undo the steps you did above.

Step #2: Copy the JAR into the libs/ directory of your project.

Only the contents of libs/ are packaged into the APK and are available at runtime.

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Ya i copied JAR into libs, after that what to do? –  Anand K Mar 30 at 15:20
@AnandK: Nothing. You are done. The contents of libs/ are automatically added both to your compile-time classpath and to your runtime classpath. –  CommonsWare Mar 30 at 15:58

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