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i need some advise on tooltip behaviour.

i have tested the following:

gameFormToolTip.Show("hello", HomeTableLayoutPanel, 30000);

gameFormToolTip.SetToolTip(HomeTableLayoutPanel, GameModel.alphaCoords(HomeTableLayoutPanel.GetCellPosition(nowPicStrl).Column) + "," + HomeTableLayoutPanel.GetCellPosition(nowPicStrl).Row);

but in both cases the tooltip displays only for few fractions of a second. i have tried changing autopopdelay also and the behaviour stays the same!

am i missing something here? how can i make the tooltip stay on for longer?

thank you.

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I think you should set ToolTip.AutomaticDelay property (value in milliseconds) otherwise tooltip will display only for 500ms.

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a life saver! i overlooked this property. thank you so much. –  iTEgg Feb 16 '10 at 18:19

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