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I'm using Vagrant in order to produce a reusable development server and I'm using Puppet to provision it with a configuration generated with PuPHPet. It's a basic LEMP stack.

Everything is working fine however the nginx user is running as www-data and the synced folders are owned by the vagrant user. Because of this nginx can't write data to the /var/www directory which is causing my Laravel application to throw an exception.

I can manually change the ownership using chown however I'd like to just run nginx as the vagrant user and have that change in my configuration file.

What changes to the Puppet configuration do I need to make to make that happen?

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PuPHPet is using the puppetlabs-nginx module which has an nginx::params class in it which in it's turn defines certain nginx config variables including $nx_daemon_user. That said it looks like in your PuPHPet generated manifest you'd want to replace

include nginx::params


class {'nginx::params':
  nx_daemon_user => 'vagrant',
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