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I am looking for development software that has a live preview of the page as you code it, and is aware of HTML5 and CSS3 syntax. It would also be useful if the live preview engine was HTML5 and CSS3 capable as well. I favor lightweight editors over heavyweight IDEs, as I do not want much more than syntax highlighting, suggesting and checking and similar features with the preview software.

I have been using Topstyle 4, and whilst it seems to tick most of the boxes for me, I find it lacking and a tad buggy, but I cannot seem to find any other software that fits my needs.

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I dont think ther eis anything that will let you pick and choose a specific external rendering engine (Trident, WebKit, Gecko) for previewing. And since youre going to have to look at multiple browsers to check to me it would make more sense to use a hot key to open the page in an external program - in this case a browser. Especially since HTML5 is so new and not fully supported yet. ust my two cents... take it or leave it.

Now having said that in general i would recommend E or Notepad++ on the Windows platform and Textmate on the Mac platform.

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You should try komodo edit.
It's using Gecko as its layout engine.
If you are adventurous, you can also try their nightly here.

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