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Good Morning, My name is David, I'm new here, and this is my first post, I'm from Spain & I develop in Java since last summer and in C since January.

I have to make a program in C, the program have to calculate a zero of a function using Newton–Raphson method, The program should also ask the user the number of decimal places.

This is a summary of the code:

long double result=4.2367423847652347624523645237642
int decimal;
printf("How many decimal places do you want? \n);
printf("The result is: %.**Lf"result);

I have the problem in *, in case i write 20, in * there should be 20 (%.20Lf), how I can make this

Thank you for your time

P.S.: Sorry for my English!!

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printf("The result is: %.*Lf", decimal, result);
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Note: Use "%#.*Lf" if you want to also see the decimal point when decimal == 0. –  chux Mar 30 at 19:32

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