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I'm trying to write a make file for my C++ project

I have the following source structure

project folder content:


as the name says 'main.cpp' contain the main() function, include hold the *.h files and src hold *.cpp file (and in case other subfolders with other sources)

what I would like to achieve is a makefile that as target compile main.cpp and all his included sources recursivelly , without specify all the sources names or mantaining the make file adding a source every time I create or add it

any help or a good tutorial to solve this problem would be very appreciated

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Not sure what flavour of Makefile you use, or what OS you're building, however here are some ideas for a GNU Make and a unix-like environment

  1. Use a single make (instead of recursively invoking make on subdirectories).
  2. Use prefix rules to generate *.cpp to *.o
  3. Now consider an src.mk present on each source subdirectory that fills an SRC variable with the actual *.cpp on each directory:

    SRC+= $(addprefix $(ROOT)/src/, \
        Source1.cpp \
        Source2.cpp \
  4. ... and in the Makefile you can have an

    -include src.mk
    executable: $(OBJ)
  5. Now the next thing is to be able to generate the src.mk: you can have a prefix rule for that and rely on a shell script:

    %/src.mk: %/
         gensrc $(dir $@)
  6. The gensrc is a shell script that adds -include subdir/src.mk for each subdir of the argument and creates SRC variable with the *.cppin the argument directory.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

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thanks I'll try and I'll let you know, btw I'm building under OSX –  Manu Mar 30 '14 at 23:13

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