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I am trying to plot a pandas Data Frame that contain an unequal amount of data points (rows) and I am not sure if this is causing an issue for my plot.

in the below code, the portfolioValue# differs in length

portfolioValue1 = 521
portfolioValue1 = 500
portfolioValue1 = 521
portfolioValue1 = 521
portfolioValue1 = 425

my pandas data frame shape is

(1, 5)

Here is the python code:

portToPlot = {'AAPL.txt':[portfolioValue1], 'GOOG.txt':[portfolioValue2], 'MSFT.txt':[portfolioValue3],

portDFrame = DataFrame(portToPlot)


This is the error I keep getting

return array(a, dtype, copy=False, order=order)
ValueError: setting an array element with a sequence.
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please note that my portfolioValues are basically numpy arrays –  antonio_zeus Mar 30 at 19:59

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They need to be of equal length, for example, we can shorten everything to 425 elements:

portfolioValue1 = random.random(521) 
portfolioValue2 = random.random(500) 
portfolioValue3 = random.random(521) 
portfolioValue4 = random.random(521) 
portfolioValue5 = random.random(425) 
portDFrame.columns=['AAPL.txt', 'GOOG.txt', 'MSFT.txt','AMZN.txt','CMG.txt']

enter image description here

But it looks to me that you are working on interday stock data for one year duration. I think the reason some of them are shorter is because there are missing interday price for some trading days. You should have preserved those missing data in the first place rather than just discard them altogether.

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actually the data is going back 10 years, weekly data. In your example, do you mind pointing out how you shortened the data? –  antonio_zeus Mar 30 at 22:41
zip() does it. zip(range(5), range(4)) results in [(0, 0), (1, 1), (2, 2), (3, 3)], which is only 4 elements long. –  CT Zhu Mar 30 at 22:54
using zip() on the shortest amount of data, I get the following error '''% (len(value), len(cur_axis))) Exception: Length mismatch (5 vs 1)''' –  antonio_zeus Apr 2 at 0:55

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